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Teen Summer Series Summary: Session #2

On July 14th, we hosted the second session of our summer financial literacy series. The guest speaker was Dr. Dominique Reese. Dr. Dominique’ N. Reese, AFC®, FFC®, Chief Financial Coach & Planner at Reese Financial Services, works with leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are serving in their divine purpose AND have money problems to solve. Specifically, she helps her clients increase income, increase savings and decrease debt, so they can increase their net worth, using the Master My Money® personal finance system.

We had 26 participants in the session. Dr. Reese spoke about why saving money is important. She spoke about how anyone can save money regardless of how much they earn as income. Towards the end of the session, the participants were encouraged to participant in a Q & A.

Special thanks to our co-sponsor, Integrity Builds Achievers. Their organization's founder, Mike Sherman, was once again a very active participant throughout the session.

The kids have their second challenge. The contest is to create something creative about what they during the session. All submissions are due no later than Saturday at 12pm. Send submissions to Winning submissions will be posted on our Facebook and IG accounts. Cash prizes will be given to top three submissions. Thanks to Dr. Reese and Mr. Sherman, this week's first place prize will be at least $50!

Next week's session will be about credit. The guest speaker will be Michelle Kuper!

If you have problems logging on the session, feel free to email We will be checking the email messages fifteen minutes before the session and during the session. We will quickly respond to your email.

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