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Summer Financial Literacy Series Is Coming!

About This Event:

This financial literacy program series is about ensuring that teens are educated on the best way to manage finances.

Program Objective: The goal of the program is to make lessons on money management to students easy and fun to learn. We can help teens learn more about making money, saving it and managing it via engaging conversations. This method will increase their knowledge on how to handle cash.

Program Description: This financial literacy program is about ensuring that teens are educated on the best way to manage finances. This is a way of securing their future. This is because they will be able to learn how to manage money in all ways possible.

Program Prerequisite: No previous financial literacy experience is required

Presenters: All sessions will be led by Jamaal Solomon. In addition, sessions will have a guest co-presenter. The co-presenter will share his or her experiences and knowledge. Also, the co-presenter will share come career advice.

Sessions: ● Earning Income (July 7th) - presenter: Joshua Franklin ● Saving (July 14th) - presenter: Dr. Dominique Reese ● Using Credit (July 21st) - presenter: Michelle Steward ● How to Network For Financial Success (July 28th) - presenter: Steve Chatman

Weekly Assignments: The students will be asked to create something creative (i.e poem, rap, drawing, skit, etc.) from the topic that they just learned. Prizes will be given to best submissions.


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