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2020 Youth Business Pitch Competition Recap

Our organization's first program was a huge success. Due to Covid-19, we experienced four last minute contestant withdrawals. It was understandable because we are living in rough times for both parents and children. We still had over 40 attendees and two wonderful contestants. Here is the recap:

Welcome - Jamaal Solomon (myself) started it off by welcoming guests and giving a background on the origins and goals of the organization. I also introduced the co-host which was a wonderful third grader named Malia Williams.

Keynote Speaker – Malia introduced the keynote Caron Washington. Caron did a great job inspiring both adults and kids to not give up despite obstacles.

Introduction of Judges

Ashley Zingale – Special guest teen judge who will be a freshman in college in August.

Tivon Skinner – Founder and Executive Director of Craftkeepers Inc.

Kimberly Malone – Economic Development Committee Chair of Baldwin Civic Association

Ijana Nathaniel – Founder and Executive Director of Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

Competition (pictures below) Competitors announced by Malia

Jairel Solomon (4th grade) - online bakery business idea

Aleeyah Graham (2nd grade) - recyclable food container business idea

Q & A session with Jamaal

Malia - discussed how she doesn't fear challenges at such a young age.

Ashley - discussed how parents can help teens learn about money.

Tivon - discussed how to teach kids how to think out the box.

Kimberly - discussed how to find positive mentor relationships.

Ijana - discussed how to train kids for leadership.

Awards presentation – Coleigne Solomon announced that it was a tie for first place and both contestants will receive $100 each.

Closing remarks – I announced that the next program will be a weekly virtual teen financial literacy on every Tuesday in July. Must RSVP on eventbrite. Email me for more information.


Thank you to all the contestants and their families. Special shout to my wife and three kids.

Thank you to the 3C’s Productions company. Contact them for your virtual events needs. Visit their website at

Thank you to our co-host, Malia Williams. Remember that we were the first to tell you that she will be a star public speaker.

Thank you to the Meadow School PTA for their support and encouragement.

Thank you to our keynote speaker, Caron Washington. Continue to be a great resource for our youth and small businesses.

Thank you to our event sponsor, Check out their website for the wellness of your mind and body.

Thank you to all of the judges:

Ashley: Your future is bright! Keep on shining!

Tivon: Continue to do great things with our youth. Check out his organization at

Ijana: Keep on empowering our youth to become dynamic leaders. Check out her organization at

Kimberly: Thank you for being a great advocate our youth and small businesses. Baldwin Civic Association’s website can be found at

There were many others that supported this event. We would like to sincerely thank you for your moral and financial support.

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